Pregnancy Massage

Qualifications- Accredited Diploma Certificate in Pregnancy Massage

Please note that pregnancy massage can only begin once the first trimester (12 weeks) has passed. Therefore, may begin on week 13.

Some medical conditions may require a GP or midwife conformation prior to treatment

Pregnancy massage can be extremely beneficial to both mother and the unborn baby. As the mothers body develops during pregnancy, joints ligaments and internal organs may be placed under pressure often leading to discomfort and pain.


Receiving regular massages during the pregnancy stage can result in an easier and shorter birth, reduced pain and has a reduced rate of postnatal complications, along with an increased success of breastfeeding due to the increase of prolactin.

The benefits of a pregnancy massage:

  • It can release tension build up within the body such as back ache, sciatica, PSD and prolapsed disks

  • It can help with the respiratory system which aids breathing

  • It can help with relaxation and deep sleeps

  • It can reduce stress levels and act as a calming method

  • It can release endorphins such as ‘feel good hormones’ which are passed on to the baby during massage

  • It can stimulate and circulate essential fluid and nutrients around the body helping to feed and aid the development of the baby

  • It can eliminate toxins within the body by lymphatic drainage

  • It can help with carpal tunnel and tarsal tunnel syndrome

  • It can help aid sluggish bowel movements

  • It can encourage the release of oxytocin

 Acupressure treatments which are incorporated within the massage can also help with

  • Morning sickness and nausea

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Lower back pain

  • Leg cramps

  • Oedema of the feet and ankles.

Massage After Delivery.

Massage after pregnancy can take place 6 weeks after delivery*.

it can help with:

  • Postural changes

  • Achey shoulders from feeding 

  • Lower back discomfort

  • Headaches

  • Oedema 

  • Improves circulation

  • Encourages relaxation and stress reduction