Sports Massage Therapy

Qualifications- VTCT Level 5 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy & VTCT Level 4 in Sports Massage Therapy & VTCT Level 3 in Sports Massage Therapy 

Sports massage is a tailored massage to suit the individual. It tends to be a deep treatment working within the deeper layers of the muscle. it can be suitable for almost anyone of any age and physical ability.

Types of Treatment:

Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage Treatment This tends to be the most popular treatment as it reduces aches, pains and tightness built up within the muscle.

Injury Specific Massage Treatments such as carpal tunnel, tennis/golfers elbow, planta fasciitis, sciatic symptoms, frozen shoulder and may more ailments.

Pre and Post Event This type of treatment tends to be more suitable for a client who would like a massage to prepare them for an upcoming sporting event or a post relaxation massage working on any tight areas caused by the sporting event.

Postural Assessment and Advice looks at an individuals posture focusing on their alignment to how the body moves and functions. providing advice on how to correct, re align and strengthen.

The benefits and effects of a sports massage are: 

  • It can reduce aches and pains caused by a day to day lifestyle such as poor posture and repetitive strain injuries

  • It can prevent injury

  • It can release and reduce tension within the muscles 

  • It can improve circulation within the body

  • It can reduce lactic acid and waste products built up within the body

  • It can break down scar tissue caused by injury

  • It can help increase range of movement

  • It can help manage and reduce stress and anxiety