Scar Therapy

Qualifications- Scarwork Therapist Certification 

Scar therapy is a hands on approach working on scar tissue, fibroids and adhesions within the body tailored to you and your scar.

Treatments can help loosen and release the scar tissue around and behind the scar, encouraging mobility between the muscle, layers of the skin and the fascia. Over time scars often can be numb, painful  or very sensitive. Treatments can reduce pain and normalise sensitivity.


The types of scars we can treat:

Regardless of how new or old, big or small, if you you have a scar, burn or adhesion and feel that scar therapy may be of some interest to you, please do get in touch and ask how I can help especially if your scar is or has any of the following.. ​

  • Raised

  • Rope like

  • Stringy/Grainy

  • Painful

  • Numb

  • Tight/Stuck

  • New

  • Old

Scars can range from:

  • Breast augmentation scars

  • C-section scars

  • Epidural scars (or discomfort)

  • Hysterectomy scars

  • Key hole and surgery scars

  • Joint replacement scars
    (knee, hip elbow and shoulder)

  • Plastic surgery scars 

  • Trauma scars

  • Burns 

  • Mastectomy/Lumpectomy and breast re construction scars. 

  • and many more. 


Please do get in touch if you'd like further information, aftercare advice or to book and appointment.

Scar Consultation form:


Please note that scar therapy may only take place 6 weeks after surgery, and must be signed off by your surgeon before treatment can take place.

Scars can not be treated if they are currently open, painful,  inflamed, infected or weeping fluid

Closeup of woman belly with a scar from a cesarean section size isolated.jpg
weeks 0-2  4 pics.jpg

This was my Clients initial C-section scar. (which was only a couple of months old) (03/03/22)

This was my Clients scar after her first session with me. (colour change was due to using a flash on the camera) (03/02/22)

1 week later she arrived and her Scar looked like this. (10/02/22)

After her 2nd appointment her scar looked like this. (10/02/22)