Sports Injury


Within a sports/remedial massage treatment, various aspects can be covered within your appointment to help with your condition. These range from:

Deep tissue treatment-This tends to be the most popular treatment as it reduces aches, pains and tightness built up within the muscle.

Postural assessment and advice- Looks at an individuals posture focusing on their alignment to how the body moves and functions. providing advice on how to correct, re align and strengthen.

Injury specific massage treatment- Such as carpal tunnel, tennis/golfers elbow, planta fasciitis, sciatic symptoms, frozen shoulder and many more ailments.

Pre and post event massage treatment- This type of treatment tends to be more suitable for a client who would like a massage to prepare them for an upcoming sporting event or a post relaxation massage working on any tight areas caused by the sporting event.



Pregnancy massage is a very relaxing and beneficial treatment to both  mother and unborn baby. As the mothers body develops during pregnancy, joints, ligaments and internal organs may be placed under pressure often leading to discomfort and pain.

Pregnancy massage can help with back ache, sciatica, SPD, breathlessness, sleep, swelling/oedema, sluggish bowel movements and so much more!!


Receiving regular massages during the second and third trimester result in an easier and shorter birth, reduced pain and has a reduced rate of postnatal complications, along with an increased success of breastfeeding due to the increase of prolactin.

Massage after pregnancy can be extremely beneficial as well, it can help ease discomfort caused by postural changes throughout the pregnancy. This type of massage will relieve a lot of tension in your back, shoulders and arms often caused by the feeding position, it can also help with reducing headaches, and relieving lower back/hips at the same time.

Massage can help with the reduction of oedema by improving the circulation within your body at the same time it can encouraging feel good hormones, which reduce stress and encourage relaxation.

Leg Injury


Scar therapy is a hands on approach working on scar tissue, fibroids and adhesions within the body tailored to you and your scar.

Treatments can help loosen and release the scar tissue around and behind the scar, encouraging mobility between the muscle, layers of the skin and the fascia. Over time scars often can be numb, painful  or very sensitive. Treatments can reduce pain and normalise sensitivity.


The types of scars we can treat:

Regardless of how new or old, big or small, if you you have a scar, burn or adhesion and feel that scar therapy may be of some interest to you, please do get in touch and ask how I can help especially if your scar is or has any of the following.. ​

  • Raised

  • Rope like

  • Stringy/Grainy

  • Painful

  • Numb

  • Tight/Stuck

  • New

  • Old

Sports Injury


At your appointment often a combination of other techniques may be used throughout your treatment to best treat your condition. 

IASTM-Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization blades are tools which can be incorporated within a treatment to help break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions.

Strapping and Taping- Is often used on weak or injured joints within the body to help aid rehabilitation, along with providing support and protection to the area. it can also be used to help correct posture along with reducing swelling.

Fire Cupping/Cupping Therapy- Can help to alleviate stagnation within the body by aiding both the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. it can help with deep tissue repair, muscular aches and pain, inflammation, sports injuries, sciatica, headaches and much more!

Spinal Mobilization- this type of treatment may be used where appropriate, it can help to align and mobilize the hips and areas within the spine to help aid correction of the skeleton.